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The Marine Engineer.

The Marine Engineer may be defined as a Professional individual who applies his knowledge of Mathematics and Science to the efficient use of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Systems on board Ships. This knowledge is gained through Tertiary Study, Practical Experience and applied Engineering Principles.

The profession embraces all the subdivisions of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

  1. Mechanical Engineering.   

    The Marine Engineer finds himself designing, building, commissioning, testing and operating machinery of all kinds. His knowledge is applied to Machinery, Mechanisms, Materials, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Welding, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. This is where his understanding of Mathematics, Engineering Drawings, Thermodynamics, Strengths of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Power Machines, Industrial Instrumentation, Naval Architecture and Ship Construction come into play.


        2. Electrical Engineering.


    The Marine Engineer is concerned with the Generation, Distribution, Application and Maintenance of a wide range of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Systems. This is where his understanding of Logic Systems, Electrotechnology, Industrial Electronics, Audio Visual Systems, Communication Electronics, Instrumentation and Navigational Equipment come into play.

       3. Environmental Responsibility.

    The Marine Engineer is bound by International Protocol to be responsible for the stewardship of clean Seas, Waterways and Atmosphere. In this regard Maritime Legal Knowledge and Management are required subjects. 

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